The Nine-Step Approach to Resource Efficiency

There are nine general steps to any Resource Efficiency (Waste Prevention) Programme. Three of these we call the Human Dimension (dealing with people) and the following six we call the Technical Dimension (dealing with stuff).

In many cases you will not need all of the steps (for example, in a small organisation, you may not have to set up teams). In an example of Greening Events in this Guide we recommend that 7 steps would suffice.

Also, the steps are not part of a linear process and, depending on the people involved (their interests and capabilities), parts of the process may be used independently. But, if possible, the process in its entirety is something that any programme should aim for. Let's take a look.

Tip! Within the Nine Steps there are feedback loops and a constant cycle of assessment, improvements, and reviews – together with continuous awareness raising.

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