Resource Efficiency in Organisations


Energy is usually the most significant overhead cost for businesses, and is therefore a key area to examine when working within your local authority or with local businesses. While there are many standard improvement tips for energy, doing detailed analysis on energy use can be difficult.

Energy is an extremely broad topic (encompassing both thermal and electrical energy). For details on energy saving and efficiency improvement an obvious first step is to visit the SEAI website.

The SEAI has produced an EnergyMAP which provides a stepwise energy improvement programme for SMEs to work through. There are also a series of sector related improvement options in the Tools section.

However, some simple tips and tools have been developed over the years by LAPN participants, Clean Technology Centre, etc. Many of these may be of use in energy auditing/projects. Please click on the following for more information.

Click here to see a simple energy options checklist developed for business by Galway County Council.

Click here to see a detailed presentation on energy management for business by the EPA's Green Hospitality Programme.

Click here for an energy audit of the Midleton Area Office by Cork County Council.

Click here for a presentation by the Tipperary Energy Agency on energy management for business.

Click here for a Light Audit Template and Cost Reduction Calculator to help reduce lighting costs in a company by the EPA's Green Hospitality Programme.