Resource Efficiency in Organisations

Waste Assessment Data Gathering (Pre-Assessment)

The first step involved in the waste assessment phase is to gather information about waste generation in the sectors under consideration.

This tool shows you the main waste producing sectors in Ireland and provides information on the type of wastes (waste profile) generated by each sector. This might help you focus on a specific sector in your region

Once this has been done, the business or organisation that you are working with can be examined and compared with 'normal' practice.

For the business that you are working with the first things to find out are:

  • How much waste is being generated and where?
  • How does it compare with 'normal' practice?
  • What is the waste comprised of?
  • How is it handled/collected?
  • How much is it costing?

Make sure that the businesses you are working with are getting the best value for their waste and that they bin their skip.