Resource Efficiency in Organisations

Sectoral Factors

This table allows you to estimate the amount of total waste and food waste generated in different sectors based on scale-up factors. This factor is a type of Benchmark so that you can roughly estimate how much waste you should be generating annually and from this you can measure success and set targets for improvement.

SectorFactor UsedTonnes Total Waste per Factor% Food WasteTonnes Organic Waste per Factor
WholesaleEmployee Numbers1.95725.48925
Food RetailEmployee Numbers1.8837.70.70876
General Retail (Drapery)Employee Numbers0.8323.10.025792
Filling StationsEmployee Numbers2.5220.55
HotelsBed nights0.00648430.0027864
RestaurantsEmployee Numbers1.741460.80086
TransportTravel Numbers0.000148230.00003404
CommunicationEmployee Numbers0.436210.09156
Offices (No Canteen)Employee Numbers0.12660.00756
Education (1st)Student Numbers0.0098230.002254
Education (2nd)Student Numbers0.026380.00988
Education (3rd)Student Numbers0.042320.01344
Hospitals (acute)Hospital Beds3.09220.6798
Hospitals (long stay)Hospital Beds1.85250.4625

These factors may be used in conjunction with the business profile in your area to identify potential areas for prevention initiatives